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B0UNC3 - Paradise on E Remake? B0UNC3 - Paradise on E Remake?

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Dude, I remember this from the sports show I created at Jerome High School, do you go there? Dude, that's incredible, I didn't know that this music was made by a online artist, I thought it was professional!

Mech Opponent-Hindsight Mech Opponent-Hindsight

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Good Song but...

Great song and all, seriously, but you have to work on making the song a little more fast paced, its abit boring whe nits just the same loops and hte occasional addition of some hit hats.

Keep up the good Work!

Project-Hindsight responds:

Well most of these songs will actually be loops and not this entire track. Except for a few that may be other specific themes. I appreciate your input and we'll definitely utilize your advice.

Star Wars: Episode IVIXIIVIIIX Star Wars: Episode IVIXIIVIIIX

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Damn, I hope my audio can be lik eyours someday!

My audio is getting better, please check it out and review it if you can, but thats not what im here ot write about

This song is sweet, I mean how long did it take you just to dig up all those clips and make a song out of em!!! YOu are a brilliant artist, keep them coming.

Dj-Zabar responds:

Im glad you like it. Took many laboring hours to collect the clips and edit them. I checked out your stuff. Very interesting work. Just remember to always keep your songs different and original and you'll do fine.

Land O' Buttheads Mix Land O' Buttheads Mix

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That was a sweet mix, i liked it A LOT!!!!

y is it called land o' buttheads?

cyrus3335 responds:

weeeeell ill tell yeh. see thurrs this dood eric hes like one of my frends and we made a story about the people called buttheads, with butts as heads and heads as butts. so i just wanted to call it that, also it was sposed to b a stoopid song, but i just made it a kool mix